Bay Appaloosa with Red Dala Foal

Bay Appaloosa with Red Dala Foal

I can often tell who is Swedish or grew up around Swedes versus who hasn't--they either know right away that this is a Dala horse (or a Swedish horse), or they comment that it's like a carousel horse. Which, I suppose, it kind of is--there are some superficial similarities, especially in my drawings, but they have a totally different origin.
Three dalecarlian horses.JPG
By Gustav.jg - Own work, Public Domain,

The Dala Horse (Swedish Dalahäst) is a toy horse carved out of wood, originating the province of Dalarna, Sweden, that has come to symbolize Sweden as a whole. The most common color by far is red, though blue, yellow, white, and black horses are also popular. The saddle and designs are very Scandinavian, generally referred to as rosemÃ¥ling (the Norwegian term), or kurbits (Swedish).

This was my second dala horse drawing, and it's one of my favorites of the horses: simple, just enough background to enhance the subject, and clear movement as the horses run. And I have always had a soft spot for an appaloosa (the spotted-blanket-pattern on the mare's rump).